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Tilt-up and Industrial Architecture Specialists

Given the popularity of tilt-up construction in the West, one could assume that most design firms would be well-versed in the building type. This perception would be far from accurate.

The nuance, the detailing, and the cost ramifications of seemingly small design decisions are part of everyday life at Tectonics. Our reputation for being the tilt-up “A-team” was earned in the trenches of some of the most complex facilities you’ll find. And when we’re asked to help salvage projects that clearly have our competitors stumped, our industrial design expertise becomes obvious.

Our team prides itself on being well versed in both Architectural design and Structural engineering. Being able to think about both concurrently, and at a high level, is what sets us apart from our competition. Whether it’s a Hazardous Materials user, Food Grade Facility, Distribution Center or Manufacturing Plant we have the expertise and experience to get the results you want.

A brief sample list of projects is below:

  • Alfa Aesar – Chemical Distribution Facility, Warehouse and H Room Tenant Improvement.
  • Aqua Metals Battery Recycling Plant – 97,000sf, Steel Building, 50’ clear, H Occ., Full BIM.
  • AZZ Galvanizing Plant – 41,000sf, Steel Building, 40’ Clear, H Occ.
  • Battery Systems – 200,000sf, Battery Shipping/Receiving, Steel Bldg.
  • Chesapeake Spice – 75,000sf, Food Manuf. and Distribution, 32’ clear.
  • Conco TRIC Buildings A, B, C – 2.3M sf, Spec., 32’ and 36’ clear.
  • Elite Spice – 170,000sf, Food Manuf. and Distribution, 32’ clear.
  • FedEx Ground – 300,000sf, LEED Silver, large office and outbuildings.
  • Fulcrum Feedstock Facility – 64,000sf, Steel Building, Processing Facility with Tipping Floor.
  • Gateway Commerce Center – 525,000sf, LEED Gold, DC, 32’ clear.
  • Henderson Freeway Crossings – (7) Building Park.
  • Jones Buildings A and B – 400,000sf, 32’ clear.
  • Logisticenter A and B – 1,025,000sf, Spec., 36’ Clear.
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers – 420,000sf w/ 25,000sf office TI, 36’ Clear, food manuf.
  • Milan One – 700,000sf, SJS Commercial Real Estate, Spec. LEED Gold, 36’ clear.
  • North Valleys Commerce Center – 2.5 million sf park, 36’ clear.
  • Petco Build to Suit – 770,000sf, LEED Silver, 36’ clear, 20,000sf office.
  • Red Rock 200 – 200,000sf, Spec. 32’ clear.
  • Sage Point 5 – 240,500sf, 32’ Clear.
  • South Valleys Commerce Center A and B – 390,000sf, 32’ clear.
  • Spanish Springs Corp. Park A and B – 1 million sf, LEED Silver, 32’ clear.
  • Tesla Gigafactory – 1M sf of detailed slab on grade design, work on other floor levels.
    • Hazardous Materials Building, Cell Test Buildings and Fire Command Building.
  • Urban Outfitters DC – 470,000sf, Dermody Properties, LEED Silver, DC, 38’ clear.
  • Zulily DC – 700,000sf, Seefried Industrial Properties, LEED Silver, DC, 36’ clear.
More Tilt-Up and Industrial

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team of architects and engineers or view our recent projects.

Tilt-up industrial architecture in Reno